26 oct 2016


Company Principle

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We have actually had an interest in survival and readiness for a long time now and chose to end up being a little bit more public about it a couple of years back.
We began to discover that because of program like Our Company Preppers anybody that was interested in readiness was being identified.
The term "Prepper" was ending up being negative and if you took place to discuss it to anybody they right away tag you as a wacko end of the world prepper and stopped paying attention to exactly what you need to state.
History has actually revealed us over and over once again that we as individuals, civilizations or as a whole world are not invincible.

We wish to inform everybody about a few of the extremely genuine situations that are possible worldwide we reside in today. Everybody understands that an earthquake can trigger millions in damage and death however the number of individuals are actually taking note of exactly what is going on ideal outside their front door?

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Food is a priority for survival. While you can live for weeks without food, even missing a single day worth of meals can cause extreme hunger, dizziness, anxiety, weakness and poor decision making.